About Me

How I got started

What is a computer?

I was fascinated by computers, the very feeling of magic in the machine.

I first excited about computers when I was around the age of 6 or 7. My dad brought home a new computer he bought and it was running Windows 95. I thought it was the most amazing thing and I'd often bug him to let me play some fun games which would pale in comparison to today's game world. I eventually built my first computer at the age of 13 and have been obsessed with the power of computing and what it would do to the world ever since.

Getting America Online

Zoom Status

I started developing simple HTML sites at around 14 when I was a fan of a card game and continued to want to get more and more advanced until getting into PHP and started building PHP dynamic pages that changed with browser cookies.

Building for fun

Around 16 I started building even more complex and dynamic sites driven by databases and continued to learn and grow. I started building game sites and grew one to a very large user base when I dived into the advertising world.

Building for profit

I started many "businesses" or revenue generating sites by the time I was 18, but still continued to want to learn more about programming and so I started at a local social networking company called ONEsite that had amassed some very large clients. My career continued to grow and I became an even better developer and diving into industry standards and gaining social and communications skills dealing with clients.

Where I'm headed

I've had the benefit of opporunity to build some really interesting things on the web. It has always felt like the most amazing industry that can change overnight and connects millions of people around the world. I hope to continue to build and innovate on the web and follow the exiting changes in the industry.

Not Playing