The Future of Hosting

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The web hosting industry is rapidly changing. In the early days you had traditional hosting, but now the web is seeing a shift towards scalable PaaS and managed web hosting.

Multiple software versions

With traditional hosting, you were stuck with whatever version the server was running by your provider. If they were running PHP 4 and you wanted to build a PHP 5 app, you were just out of luck.

With cloud offerings you can generally choose different version of the software whether thats PHP or MySQL instead of just a single version fits all.

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Stop Breaking My Apps

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APIs allow developers to integrate with sites in a way that allows for allowed or approved data sets to be retrieved and manipulated rather than scraping which can easily break with an update to an application.

The trend with APIs is that you should version them so that way developers that implement them are not susceptible to their applications breaking when the site that provides the APIs adds new features in a new version or update to their APIs.

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Open Source Information Overload

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It’s as if daily, if not multiple times during the week I find some amazing super awesome new GitHub project and I hit that shiny watch button, hoping to later that day or someday come back and use the wonderful open source software that the creator provided. It all started for me when I got into Git and Github, one of my first projects was the famous Twitter Bootstrap, and from there it was history. I just recently realized that I have over 400 watched repos, now what?

I’m slowly coming to the realization that open source projects are sort of having the same issues as bookmarks. With bookmarks on your browser; you can search, tag and organize into folders to easily remember where the important ones are. Since I’m a software developer, I could have a folder for PHP frameworks, CSS frameworks, etc. GitHub has the searching down already, but there are some critical things that are needed in order to really get it done right.

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